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Greek Style Yogurt with Honey (450g)


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Indulgent and full of flavour, our Greek style yogurt with honey is thick, creamy and irresistible.

Ideal as a family dessert and inevitably a family favourite, it can also be used in smoothies or as a topping on cereal. Made with fresh milk, cream and honey, it is pure and simple yet wickedly indulgent. A health giving, bio-live yogurt made using the active bacterium Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus with Bifidobacterium.

Ingredients: Natural Greek style Bio yogurt (93.3%), Honey (4.7%), Cane Sugar, Rice Starch, Natural Flavouring Free from artificial colours and flavours, Contains cow's milk. Nutritional Information: Typical Values per 100g Energy 644kj 155kcal Protein 5g Carbohydrate 14g - of which sugars 12.9g Fat 8.7g - of which saturates 5.4g Fibre 0g Sodium 0.07g Calcium 0.12g

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