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Organic Free Range Eggs


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NEW! Organic Sandy Lane Farm free range eggs [limited numbers each week].

We're delighted to bring you beautiful and fresh organic eggs from our very own Sandy Lane Farm. The flock of birds are small so we will only be able to offer a limited number of boxes each week until (and if), the number of hens increase. 

Why do hens love organic standards? 

Organic hens require 2.5x the space for housing vs FR with a greater ranging area and natural aerial protection (trees or tall plants), welfare standards are much more stringent. Their insulated, mobile polytunnel unit means they don't get too hot in Summer or too cold in Winter. Roll-away systems mean you get cleaner eggs and you don't disturb the hens when collecting, so less stress for the birds. Mobile means we can include the hens in veg rotation, they get a good deal of their diet from grazing fresh ground, and will scarify and fertilise future veg growing ground.

Autumn 2019 - when the sweetcorn harvest is finished, the plants will be left to stand for the chickens to be moved into - the hens will have their own forest to explore!

6 medium eggs per pack, laid in the week of delivery. 

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