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Box contents July 9th & 10th.

  • Kohl Rabi SLF 
  • Salad Pack SLF 
  • L'Agretti SLF 
  • Parsley Bunch SLF 
  • Broad Beans SLF 
  • Mushrooms UK 
  • Courgettes SLF 
  • Flat Beans SLF  

This is what we're aiming for though subject to potential last minute changes. 

Medium Organic Veg Box - Less Roots

Typically feeds 3-4

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A medium sized box with 8 types of veg, without the core root veg of other boxes. 

The UK hungry gap is a tricky time of year for putting together organic veg boxes - by early July they will be packed full of veg from Sandy Lane, between now and then we'll be doing our best to keep the SLF contents as high as possible. 

Unfortunately we are still unable to offer swaps/dislikes. There may also be leafy veg in plastic bags (where we have been using bio-bags pre-Covid-19). Please recycle the plastic bags at home but ensure that you do everything you can to return your boxes to us - please leave out on your doorstep on day of delivery. 

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