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  • Large Organic Fruit & Veg Box

Box contents July 29th & 30th.

  • 8 veg and 3 fruit
  • New Potatoes - Charlotte SLF
  • Carrot Bunch UK
  • Onion Bunch SLF
  • Agretti SLF
  • Cucumber SLF
  • Courgette SLF
  • Tomatoes SLF
  • Basil Pack SLF
  • Bananas Dom Rep
  • Oranges SA
  • Apples EU


This is what we're aiming for but as always contents are subject to last minute changes. 

Large Organic Fruit & Veg Box

Typically feeds 3-4

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A great mix of 8 organic veg and 3 organic fruit. 

A big box of fresh, seasonal veg with some fruity additions, this box is a one stop shop for your organic kitchen. Hand-packed at Sandy Lane Farm, this box comes to you with as much straight from the soil at the farm as possible along with a careful selection of fruit, often from other organic producers further afield (but never air freighted). Eat with the seasons and enjoy an ever changing mix of fresh organic veg for all the family. 


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Free Range Eggs (Conservation Grade)

great local produce, delivered

great local produce, delivered.

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