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Bag contents October 1st & 2nd. 

  • Bananas [Dom. Rep.]
  • Oranges [SA]
  • Apples [UK]
  • Plums [EU]


Never air freighted. 

Organic 'Fruit Bag'

Typically feeds 2-3

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Organic fruit to compliment our Sandy Lane Farm veg boxes (only available when delivered alongside a veg box).

Delivered free of charge each week - you can choose how regularly you'd like your fruit via the drop-down menu above and see what's in the bag this week on the list below left.  Sandy Lane grow some fruit where the season allows, but the majority of the fruit across the majority of the year comes from further afield for obvious reasons. All sourced fruit is certified organic and fair trade. 

You don't need to be home to receive your delivery, and in an effort to keep food and fuel miles down, we always try to group deliveries in the same area together.

great local produce, delivered

born, bred and grown
on local farms

see if we deliver in your area.

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