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delivery fees & FAQ's.

delivery fees.

Delivery anywhere in our area is free of charge if you either;
1. Order a veg box, or
2. Spend a minimum of £30.

For a shop under £30 that doesn't include a veg box there will be a £5 charge added to your payment, processed in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

We've tried to think of the key questions you may have when ordering from us, but if you'd like to know anything else (big or small), do get in touch via the details found here.


Q. Do I need to order every week? 
A. No absolutley not, every product has an option to choose the frequency of delivery, including 'only once'.
Q. I'm not going to be home at the time you offer for delivery, is this is a problem? 
A. No! We leave most of our veg boxes in a 'safe-place', somewhere sheltered from direct sunlight or rain ideally. For temperature sensitive produce (such as meat and dairy), you can either leave out a cool box, or add-on a WoolCool chill bag to your shop from the basket page - they're £4.99 and you can buy once and leave out for us each time we deliver. 
Q. If I receive a regular delivery, how do I skip a week? 
A. That's simple, go to your basket page and click on the 'skip week' button, you'll see the notification that your deliveries are now on-hold, just remember to log-in and click the same button (now called 'un-skip me') to resume deliveries. 
Q. Do I need to have the same veg box every week? 
A. No, you can change as often as you like, if you'd prefer a different box one week just login in and swap it in your basket before midnight on Tuesday. 
Q. There are some types of veg I can't eat, is this a problem? 
A. Nope, just tell us about it on the basket page and we'll swap it for something else in season.
Q. I can't see how to check-out?
A. You no longer need to check-out, all orders are automatically processed in the early hours of Wednesday morning (after the order deadline at midnight on Tuesday), just remember to authorise the direct debit payment before your first shop, or the order won't complete.
Q. Why do I need to set up a direct debit if I only want to shop occassionally? 
A. Setting up the DD is actually easier than a one-off 'check-out', and it means all you need to do to shop again is log-in to your account and fill your basket, you won't need to open your purse or wallet, or go through a check-out process.
Q. How do you store my bank account details? 
A. We don't. They are held securely by GoCardless, the leading direct debit provider in the UK, used by thousands of businesses, including large companies like The Guardian. 
Q. Am I tied into a contract? 
A. No absolutely not, there is no regular obligation, you won't be charged unless there is 'food in your basket'. You can also easily cancel the direct debit authorisation at any time via GoCardless if you decide never to shop with us again (sad face). 

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