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Yokel Yogurts

who are they?

Yokel is run by Tom, a young up-start of a start-up with the vision of bringing real fruit yogurts to the masses.

where are they?

Each yogurt is lovingly hand-blended at 'The Little Cow Shed' in Aylesbury.

what do they produce?

Real fruit yogurts! Sick of the synthetic taste of flavoured fruit yogurts, Tom ventured into the kitchen to create a fruit yogurt which didn't contain all the colourings, flavourings, extracts, added sugar, starch and even gelatin that other yogurts so often do.

what makes them special?

Tom called his yogurts Yokel, as they're simple yogurts created by a simple person. Delicately hand-blended in Aylesbury, ensuring each one tastes deliciously pure and true to the fruit they contain (never ever any flavourings).

born, bred and grown
on local farms

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