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Wild Game Direct

who are they?

George Davis’ family has been farming since 1875 and rearing pheasants for five generations - you could say he was hatched into the business! A passionate advocate for wild game as a healthy local food source that helps to replenish wild populations, George has no small task in rearing nearly 100,000 birds each year.

where are they?

The 50-acre game farm is based in Denner Hill near Great Missenden in Buckinghamshire. Complementing their generations-old knowledge in rearing pheasants, they set up Wild Game Direct five years ago to source game from local shoots in the Chiltern hills and supply them directly to customers.

From March to September, pheasant chicks are reared on the farm - from washing and incubating freshly laid eggs to moving young birds through their graduated housing to prepare them for life in the wild. At 6-7 weeks they are transported to local estates where it’s the game-keeper’s job to create a natural ‘pheasant utopia’.

what do they produce?

Locally sourced wild game includes pheasants, partridges, wood pigeons, ducks, rabbits and venison from five respected, local shoots. With an expert local butcher, George set up an in-house butchery to process freshly shot game from October to February and produce an expanding range of wild game sausages and burgers as well as traditional cuts.

Most of their game is ‘lightly hung’ as the modern game eater prefers a less ‘gamey’ flavour. George insists that game doesn’t always need to be served with rich sauces - he simply grills pheasant breasts in a frying pan with some oil, salt and pepper for a lean, yet flavourful, dish.

what makes them special?

After seeing so much of their farm’s compassionately reared produce being sent over to Europe, George made it his mission to educate local people about the high quality and amazing flavour of local game.

We’re trying to help nature replenish local stocks whilst bringing this healthy, natural, ethical and local produce to a much wider audience.” (George Davis)


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