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Veg update from Sandy Lane Farm


Veg Box Update


Wow, what a difference a week makes when we have weather like this. Our season was at least 6 weeks late, but this hot weather has let us catch up about half of that. Patty pans, courgettes, squash, beans and beetroot are literally growing before our eyes. Our soil has been able to retain all that early season moisture, and it’s only about now that they need a bit of a drink (unfortunately we missed all those thunderstorms).





The downside is that we haven’t been able to plant any of our winter brassica transplants yet – they would require serious irrigation and we’re not set up for it. They’ll be in straight away after a good rainfall.


Our haymaking is now complete, so we can turn due attention to the vegetable growing again. The weeds got a bit out of control, but we’re clawing back control with a lot of hands and knees weeding – it can be quite a challenge to keep motivated when hand weeding an acre of carrots & parsnips!


We should have a bounty of produce from now until February-time, when our “hungry gap” starts to kick in – so with us and Ten Mile Menu, you can unbuckle those belts and feast on nature’s glory!


Happy feasting,

George @ Sandy Lane Farm


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