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The Sausage Finalists!


We've had a huge response in our quest to create the finest sausage in the Chilterns, so for all your pork-based inspiration, we salute you!


The executive judging panel convened last night to decide on the three finalists, and well, we have a problem.  The thing is, the only thing we agree on is that there are too many entries that have to be tasted before we can agree on who makes the final three!


As I write & probably still as you read, Ricky is hard at work roasting beetroot, toasting pistachios & blanching rhubarb (yes, we really mean it) - they're just some of the ingredients we need to bring your ideas to life.


To whet your appetite we can reveal the names of the final twelve (a bit like the live shows on X Factor, but much better & in all but one case, far less cheesy).


The Final Twelve!


  1. "That'll do, Fig"
  2. Pork like an Egyptian
  3. The Bollywood Banger
  4. The Oxford Blues
  5. Pinky, Perky & Porky
  6. The Red, Red, Rhubarb Sausage
  7. Pig Trouble in Little China
  8. The Buckinghamshire Bang...er
  9. The Sunset Sizzler
  10. The Bangkok Banger
  11. Lashings of Ginger Beer
  12. The Italian Job


For those of you that haven't made it, we're sorry!  There were some brilliant entries that we ruled out for varying reasons (most frequently, being niche to a particular season), that doesn't mean we won't be making them (with your blessing) when the time is right!


So here is the updated plan...  


Ricky makes the final creations we've managed to whittle your entries down to, then on Thursday 25th we'll announce the three finalists that will be made up into tasting packs for you to eat & vote on.


Tasting packs will be distributed FREE in any order that is placed to be delivered between now & Saturday 11th May.  Any order placed will receive the sausages, you do not need to have entered the competition, this will be a fully public vote!


Once you have tasted them, you email steve@tenmilemenu.com with your 1-3 ranking of flavours.  The winner will be crowned the best sausage in the Chilterns (and possibly the world...), be put on Ten Mile Menu to be sold, and a free pack of six will be received by the creator in every Ten Mile order they place for the rest of 2013 - as you can see, this is serious stuff!


So we'll be back in touch on Thursday to confirm our finalists, in the meantime why not use the opportunity to place your order for delivery anytime before Saturday 11th May, and make sure you'll be in charge of deciding our winner!





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