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The hungry gap and our UK box.

What is the 'hungry gap?'

The hungry gap can span much of the Spring and is a time when there is little fresh produce to harvest. Stores of our UK staples begin to run out and veg in the ground isn't ready to pick. It impacts us most in April and can last until late May depending on the growing conditions.
What does it mean for us?

The vast majority of produce we fill our boxes with is grown at the farm [it's 100% for much of the year], however during the hungry gap we rely on more EU produce [usually grown in Spain or Italy] to provide variety in our boxes. This week there is only one item [courgettes] in the small box that is EU grown, but this will increase as we get into the leaner end of the season. We'll now be marking on the contents lists which items are non-UK.
Our UK only box.

We recognise that some of our customers may at least like to have the option of buying UK only produce, even in the depths the hungry gap. This week it doesn't look much different to the regular boxes, as Sandy Lane is still providing us with a good variety of crop, but the difference will become more obvious as we move into March and April.



It might not be very exciting!

The number of veg items may decrease and the humble roots that make up most of the box may not feel very exciting, but we'll do our best. We may also struggle to replace items that we swap out, i.e. an item to be swapped out may have to be replaced with more of what is already in the box, but again we'll do our best.



Any questions or comments?

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