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And the final three are...


So here we go, after weeks of pork-based brain-crackling, a few kilos of roasted beetroot & a glug of tequlia later, we have arrived at our three finalists that will make up our tasting packs, to be enjoyed (hopefully!) & judged by all.





So enough of the rambling, lets get on with it...


Finalist A: Nick Davies, Haddenham

Sausage: "That'll do Fig"

Star Ingredients: Soft dried figs, port, allspice & ginger.

Bonus points for: Great flavour & a clever name.  It's a play on words from the film Babe & quote "That'll do pig" (you can view the You Tube clip here) - Nick apparently farmed the kids out to the in-laws & watched the film 7 times in a weekend searching for inspiration, we're pleased you found it!

Our take: Think year-round version of the Italian classic parma ham & figs, a punchy flavour combination that screams "eat me".  It was the first sausage agreed on by the judges, a potential classic in the making.



Finalist B: Nick Carmichael-Johns, Tring

Sausage: "Pig trouble in Little China"

Star Ingredients: Szechuan Pepper, Cloves, Fennel Seeds, Star Anise, Chinese Cinnamon.

Bonus points for: Impossible to say without smiling, a name that made everyone laugh out loud (repeatedly).

Our take: A winner on flavour using classic Chinese spicing, we're thinking amazing for the BBQ, or on cooler nights with steamed veg, in stir-frys, salads etc (in fact, here's another bonus point for versatility...)



Finalist C: Holly Bertalan, Aylesbury

Sausage: The Buckinghamshire Bang(er)

Star Ingredients: Tequila, Chilli & Lime.

Bonus points for: Anyone brave enough to drink Tequila, let alone put it in a sausage!

Our take: Now you might not have drank tequila since Uncle Gerald got carried away at Cousin Julie's wedding in 2005 (after which you vowed never to touch it again & removed all shot-glasses from your house), but Holly assures us it works brilliantly with her Sunday roast.  It's a risk & reward sausage, if we get it right & you love it, then it could put Mexico, sorry, Buckinghamshire, firmly on the sausage making map!



Congratulations to everyone involved, there were some amazing entries from across the region & we hope you enjoy judging the finalists with us - well done again to Nick, Holly & Nick!


What happens now;

1. Any orders placed for delivery before Saturday 11th May will receive a pack of the finalists FREE (2 of each in a pack of 6)

2. You then taste & email steve@tenmilemenu.com with your ranking, (1, 2 & 3) with 1 being your favourite - feel free to offer up some feedback too...

3. Deadline for voting is Monday 13th May, winner announced on Tuesday 14th

4. If you would like to taste more than one of the judging packs so that friends & family can vote too (one vote of 1, 2 & 3 per pack), then you can order them here.

5. Now get judging!




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