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The Egg House Butchery

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who are they?

Ricky Jeffrey joined the butchers’ trade straight from school and spent over 12 years honing the art and skill of proper, traditional butchery. With a desire to source traditionally reared meat as locally as possible, supporting family-run farms and smallholdings, Ricky and his wife Emily launched Egg House Charcuterie in 2012.

where are they?

We're delighted that Rick & Em have recently taken over the butchers in Haddenham, a shop where Ricky first learnt his trade as a wispy-whiskered apprentice!

what do they produce?

Ricky provides our virtual butcher's counter, making high-quality artisan sausages to compliment our range of locally sourced, traditional and rare-breed pork, beef and lamb.

what makes them special?

As a small but growing family-run butchers, Egg House Charcuterie quite simply produces meat the way it should taste. Unlike the conventional stuff found in supermarkets, this is outdoor-reared, properly hung and matured, and full of flavour.

“We believe that the best meat comes from people who care passionately about how animals are farmed. The farmers rear their animals with love, and we put our love into the finished product.” (Ricky Jeffrey)

born, bred and grown
on local farms

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