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The Butchery Box


After taking nearly two year's out of the butchery trade (much of which has been spent working with us and delivering your veg boxes), Ricky is back with a bang! Over the last 6 months he has been busy converting an old horse lorry into a butchery unit - as far as we're aware, the only one of its kind in the UK, and maybe the world! The horse lorry (or 'butchery box') is based on Sandy Lane Farm, so will very much feel part of the ten mile family, especially when using produce from the farm to create new sausage flavours. Initially, Ricky will be producing sausages and bacon, with plans to expand the range in 2020. It goes without saying that all meat will be carefully sourced with the highest standards of welfare and aftercare in mind.

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who are they?

Ricky brings his 20 years of passion and knowledge to his brand new venture-The Butchery Box. With a fresh approach to a traditional craft Ricky is proud to continue pushing the boundaries of an industry seeped in Heritage. Perfecting the art of sausage making is a fascination for Ricky who is inspired by the sausage varieties of the world - a universal language of the ‘good old banger’!

where are they?

Ricky has spent the last year lovingly renovating a 7.5 tonne horse truck to create the characterful Butchery Box.  The Butchery Box is fittingly nestled in the farmyard at Sandy Lane Farm. Using George’s ever changing crop, Ricky has ingredients and inspiration at his fingertips for exciting seasonal sausage flavours!

what do they produce?

The Butchery Box’s introductory meat range is a selection of hand-crafted, gluten-free, speciality sausages and dry-cure bacon. Traditional, well-loved flavours and innovative guest recipes change with the seasons to add excitement to classic fare. Back and streaky bacon dry-cured as simply as possible to allow any featured flavours to shine through. Sourcing from local, small-scale farms ensures the animal’s welfare is paramount, the environmental impact is minimal and the product is of the highest quality.

what makes them special?

Fresh, hand crafted, gluten-free sausages and dry-cured bacon featuring ingredients from Sandy Lane Farm.  Native breeds including Saddleback and Gloucester Old Spot pigs help to keep tradition and flavour foremost. The Butchery Box is passionate about sustainable living. By supporting small scale farmers and creating a local supply chain, we produce a range of environmentally conscious meats.

We aim to turn the humble sausage into a masterpiece!

You can follow Ricky's journey building The Butchery Box on his facebook page here, and follow him on instagram here.

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