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ten mile meat update - Spring 2019

ten mile meat update - Spring 2019

Spring is in the air and there is a whiff of excitement around the farm about the new ten mile meat offer that will hopefully arrive in early Summer.

Now, we don’t cook with a lot of meat at home, maybe once or twice a week, and certainly nowhere near as much as we did before setting the business up in 2013. What we do eat is the best quality we can find - the highest welfare, the best butchery, and as local as possible.

We do however eat a lot of vegetables, and so do you it seems. In a typical week 75-80% of our sales is fruit & veg, meat is often around 10%, with bread, eggs and dairy making up the remainder. General awareness of food production issues, environmental concerns, especially around biodiversity, packaging, carbon emissions and energy usage have come much more in to public conscience in recent years and this is very obviously a good thing.

When our new meat offer is in operation, we hope to offer a sensible template of how we feel food can be produced, supplied and consumed on a healthy, sustainable basis:

i.e. Organic growing as locally as possible, with the significant emphasis placed on plant-based cooking, complemented by high-welfare, small-scale production of meat and dairy. Sold and delivered to the customer as simply and affordably as possible. 

With the last week of supply from our long-standing butcher in Haddenham coming to an end last week, this means at least a couple of months without supply - we are sorry about the hiatus but hope you will agree that the wait will be worth it.

We are in the early stages of building some (very cool!) butchery capability to be based at Sandy Lane. This will open up some exciting possibilities for us, and we hope for you too. Because the operation will be built around supplying tmm, we will bring the same degree of traceability with our meat as we do with our other produce. It will mean tweaking how our meat is sold (likely to be via a range of boxed options rather than offering individual items), but this will bring you much closer to our brilliant local producers of meat in a commercially viable way. 

Progress updates on the build and more details to follow in the coming weeks!

Lastly for now, let me say a huge thank you to the team at The Egg House Butchery in Haddenham, who unfortunately are now longer able to supply us, but up to now have done so in one form or another since 2013. You have always supplied us with top quality meat and have been fantastic to work with - thank you guys and all the very best!   

Any questions or comments, do let me know…

Steve and the ten mile team.


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