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Springing forward - an update from Sandy Lane


Sandy Lane George, our veg box hero, offers a brief insight into recent goings on at the farm...


I can’t believe how much our routine has changed already since the clock change. Despite being a farmer, having three nippers means I still get affected by their “normal” schedules, so the extra light in the evening is a great help.


A good chunk of our lovely over-wintering green manure (our version of fertilizer is plant material we grow for the purpose) has been chopped up & turned into the soil adding nutrients for this year’s crops. We’ve got loads planted already - onions, red onions, spring onions, leeks, summer cabbages, early potatoes, spinach, chard, carrots, lettuce, khol rabi, pak choi, Jerusalem artichokes, beetroot and turnip (I know you turnip-lovers are out there!).


Added to that flurry, we’ve had the most successful lambing in many years. Most of them are already turned out, grazing in the fields. A highlight is the lambs running around the field in packs when the mothers are eating their mineral nuts.


Winter feels like it is behind us, we’re actually getting on with things and new growth is all around us. Happy days indeed.


Clock a doodle doos from all of us Sandy Lane Farmers.





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