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Sesi Refills

who are they?

SESI are an independent, family run re-fill company based right here in Oxford. Way back in 2006, Paul and Rina became dissatisfied with unaffordable brands that made it difficult to re-fill home detergents - so they started their own company to do just that! SESI has grown ‘organically’ from a not for profit re-fill service (operating from a shed at a local primary school!), to a thriving ethical re-fill company now reaching outside the Oxfordshire borders, always working towards a cleaner, greener future.

what do they produce?

Cleaning and laundry products that ‘actually clean’ while being low impact on the environment and nature kind. SESI provide a wide range of products for the home which are free from bleach, triclosan and parabens (along with all sorts of other chemicals frequently found in household cleaning products) and they are are manufactured either in Oxford or a short distance away, according to SESI’s own formulas.

what makes them special?

Because not only does SESI operate a zero waste operation with their refills but they create their own gentle formulas to put inside the bottles. This has been a long time labour of love for Paul and Rina and they go to great lengths to ensure their products are vegan, biodegradable and cruelty free - and always affordable. They operate a policy of ‘transparency’ throughout the business and always ensure they use ingredients that are ethically sourced and fairly priced for all. All this hard work then goes into a bottle that is re-used time and time again.

why are we excited?

Because you can now buy SESI products from us here at ten mile menu! Cate at Sandy Lane Farm has a long standing relationship with SESI and has her own refill station at the farm shop. When you have finished your bottle of detergent we will collect it from you (along with your veg box) and it will be cleaned and re-filled by Cate’s team, ready for the next customer. In a nutshell, SESI are offering traceable, earth friendly formulas, developed by passionate Oxford locals, in re-useable, refillable bottles which don’t cost the earth. And we’ll deliver them to your door.

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