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Update from Nortons Farm - Rose Veal






The Kites are still above mewing, but not because they're soaring high on the warm thermals this heavenly summer brought.. They call now, because it is cold and grey and are jostling for any scraps that may fall their way....



Autumn is a bitter sweet time of year. It is traditionally the time when animals are slaughtered.  As small traditional farmers we are no different.. We spent a long time researching the best place and chose Long Compton as it is recommended by every vet, butcher and small holder I have contacted.



We arrive and unload our guys... I know each and every one.... The time they were born, their first breath... What they have eaten, everything... I have a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes...always do... but this is a good thing.. because it makes us question every single thing we do.. Makes sure that every decision we make is the best for our animals.. We could send them to market, but that isn't for us... They will never be exported abroad or go to someone with lower welfare standards.. we owe it to them, we take them..



Now the sweet... The tup is out in the field and there are more yellow bottom ewes everyday... Our house cow Violet's belly is swelling.... New life is growing!  We collected our first free range rose veal, beautiful flavourful meat bursting with potential... After a lot of thought David and I decided that veal has a (rightly so) cruel price tag, and our rose veal is raised a universe away from those barbaric dark days, so It deserves a rebrand...



Gone are the cuts that are traditionally associated with veal... Our veal is butchered in traditional beef cuts, topside, sirloin... shin.. braising.. This is meat, it's easy to cook, nothing to be scared of.. Think of lamb and mutton.. this is veal and beef...! Make a bolognese, chilli, shepherds pie, a roast on Sunday... It's not elite ..it's time rose veal became as familiar as pork, lamb, and beef.



Many people have been open and responsive, so much so we have almost sold out of our first animal... We'll have more to come in the new year, hope you have a great Christmas between now and then!



Lucy x



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