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After more than two weeks of frying, grilling, roasting, and even a spot of brave BBQ'ing, we're done. The sausages have been eaten and the votes have been cast.  It's been emotional as hand-crafted pork-based fun gets.  Even Gregg Wallace (may have) referred to the competition on twitter with "sausage creating competitions don't get tougher than this." No surprise there Gregg.


Enough of the sentimentality, let's crack on with the results...  There was little doubt with the winner, coming in with a stonking 74% of the votes.  Some said it was all name & no substance, some said it would out-spice even the most hardened of spice lovers.  But no, it goes down in Ten Mile, local, and possibly never-to-be-spoken-of-again sausage history, as the best piece of cylindrical pork on the right side of the Pennines.  Ladies & gents, your winner is...





Huge congrats to Nick & Niall from Tring, who are clearly wasted in their current careers.  Media executive Niall (pictured below), is delighted with the win and had this to say;


"Winning this competition has put the success of what I thought was a high flying career into context. Since learning we had been victorious, I have decided to use the win as a springboard to open a bangers & mash shop in Tring, and will be bringing out my first book 'Creating sausages for dummies' in the New Year.  I'd like to thank Ten Mile Menu & everyone that voted for Pig Trouble (as he affectionately refers to his entry), you have changed my life forever."  


His partner Nick added, "Niall has really let the win go to his head, a shop and a book deal??  Ridiculous. Pig Trouble was my idea by the way."





Well done to Nick & Niall - we salute you!  Pig Trouble in Little China goes on the menu today, and you'll also be receiving a free pack of your very own sausages in every order you place for the rest of 2013, it doesn't get better than that.


You can buy a pack of the winning banger to judge for yourself by clicking here.


It wouldn't be right if we didn't also acknowledge our other finalists, in second place "That'll do Fig" was a very popular sausage, if a little subtle in flavour.  In third came "The Buckinghamshire Bang-er", where the lime & tequila really split the voting public, it was either top of the pops, or a very distant third - lesson learnt = we live in the Chilterns, not Chihuahua.


Finally, and on a serious note, both Ricky & I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to what has been a lot of fun (and for Ricky, a lot of hard work!).  While Ricky worries his love of making sausages might be a little sad, he wanted to say that the opportunity to work with the imagination of others & create genuinely unique products has been a lot of fun (although he didn't say that when I told him he needed to make over 100 packs & they all had to be packaged separately!).  I'm sure everyone will join me in thanking Ricky for all of his hard work & sausage making talent.





You can follow Ricky on Facebook by clicking here & Twitter by clicking here.


So thank you from both of us, and watch out for the next tasting club offer coming your way before the end of the week....!



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