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Ogglio Olive Oil

who are they?

Giuseppe Trapani, heralding from a family of farmers in Sicily, has been working and living in Oxford for more than a decade now. Having recently inherited the small family olive grove, in 2017 he enjoyed a bumper harvest, producing more oil than he could use - having proved very popular with friends and colleagues in Oxford, he decided to design a logo for labels and expand distribution beyond the workplace. 

supply and demand.

Tending to an olive grove in the traditional way (without the use of sprays etc) means that some years can produce a lean harvest. 2019 was one such year, meaning very little surplus oil to sell on as planned - the result was a Sicilian social enterprise. Giuseppe involved his neighbouring farmers, folk he has known all his life who also farm on a very small scale - and with help from a kickstarter campaign he bought their surplus olives to create this oil. The timing of this arrangement also helped mitigate some of the impact C-19 was having on the farming community.

what do they produce?

A beautiful extra virgin olive oil produced from the Nocellara del Belice olive (native to the Belice Valley with Protected Designation of Origin 'PDO' status) - a medium strength, fruity, grassy flavoured oil, perfect on salads, in dips or used in cooking. Harvested by hand and pressed just a few miles from the olive groves on the same day, brought to you to be consumed within 18 months of production.

what makes them special?

The oil is produced in a very traditional way, following age-old rules of small scale olive oil production. The olives are always collected early during the picking season (last year in October), producing an intense 'early harvest' oil - the olives are less ripe and produce less oil (unattractive to bigger producers), but the flavour is much higher. Giuseppe knows the very trees his oil is produced from, provenance well beyond what is available to us in the supermarkets.

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