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Getting under the breadcrumb with Kirsty Morris.


Meet Kirsty, the maker of those scrumptious soft-centred scotch eggs.


Kirsty Morris is almost single-handedly reviving the humble scotch egg: scrumptious rare breed pork from local farms, gloriously gooey soft-centred free range eggs, proper crumb coating and unique foodie flavours set these miles apart from the mass produced versions.

“Our customers say ‘We can’t imagine eating any other scotch eggs now!’ and that’s always nice to hear.”

Initially based in Haddenham, Kirsty’s Kitchen started building the Scotch Egg Empire in 2011 with the Original - a signature seasoning of onion, thyme, mustard and cayenne for a bit of kick. Quickly gaining a loyal following, Kirsty added the Black Pudding, Smoky Bacon and Marmite & Cheddar flavours - and has also revived the proper sausage roll in a range of meaty flavours.

Growing from 200 scotch eggs per week to over 1000 (and at times 3000 per week in the summer!), Kirsty needed to find a bigger kitchen, but didn’t want a standard commercial unit on an industrial estate. Now cooking up a storm in a converted barn on Notley Farm near Chearsley, she continues to source local free range eggs from Dinton and rare breed Welsh pork from Saunderton.

“We’re close to our customers. It’s still a very rustic business, we’ll never turn into a factory. All that’s changed is we now have commercial ovens and fryers instead of domestic ones.”

Unlike most commercially produced hard-boiled scotch eggs, Kirsty pasteurises each fresh egg before soft-boiling to get that deliciously runny (and safe) centre. Each hand-rolled scotch egg is coated in homemade breadcrumbs, then flash-fried and baked to combine a crisp, golden outside with chewy, moist filling.


“It’s the soft centre. We’re still one of the leading producers in the country for soft-centred scotch eggs - no one else really bothers. But it’s also about the quality of the pork meat and the free range eggs, plus our unique flavours, that keep people coming back.”


It’s a labour-intensive process. With a seasonal rotation of over 20 flavours (including the kedgeregg, truffle mushroom and even a venison scotch egg) and two Great Taste awards under her belt, it’s clearly a labour of love for Kirsty.


[Kirsty was speaking to Vidya Crawley on behalf of Ten Mile Menu in Summer 2015]

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