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Kirsty's 'Kedgeregg Challenge'


The Ten Mile Tasting Club makes its next stop at Kirsty's Kitchen, the home of our famous runny centred scotch eggs, and what a stop it is....

Your next Tasting Club Challenge, should you choose to accept it, is based on Kirsty's brand new kedgeree inspired scotch egg... 'The Kedgeregg'.  Clever eh?





The Brief 

1. Receive The Kedgeregg for free in your next Ten Mile order, to be delivered between Monday 20th May & Saturday 1st June.

2. Taste, concentrate & allocate it a mark out of ten.  Email steve@tenmilemenu.com your mark, plus comments on how the egg could be improved (if you haven't already given it 10/10!)

3. (Optional)  While you're in the scotch egg 'zone', share your ideas for a new flavoured scotch egg with us (plus a quirky name of course).  If you manage to inspire Kirsty to add it to her menu, then you'll win an amazing scotch egg hamper, which you'll be egg-static about.  Sorry.

4.  Based on the results, we decide whether to list 'The Kedgeregg' - so if you like it, we'll sell it.


The Facts


To give you a leg-up towards some scotch egg inspired magic, we thought that interviewing Kirsty (who is officially the queen of the scotch egg) was clearly required.


So here we are;






TMM: Kirsty, thank you for joining us.  Starting with the basics, what are we dealing with here?


KK:  Fundamentally scotch eggs are meat wrapped around an egg, coated in a crumb & fried.


TMM:  They literally are the basics aren't they. Where do they come from?


KK:  Well, it is claimed they were created as a substantial portable food product that could be eaten on the long journeys made by horse and cart c.1738 by Fortnum & Mason. The word scotch doesn’t appear to come from Scottish origins but more from the old English word ‘scotched’ meaning processed, referring to the process of making the product.


TMM:  You may have upset some of our Scottish customers there, including Mrs Ten Mile too.  Never mind.  Why do you make them & how did you get into it?


KK:  Scotch eggs have always been a British staple for picnics and snacks on the move but were typically made with over boiled and dry eggs, under-seasoned and cheap sausagemeat and breadcrumbs that being bright orange resemble nothing like a proper breadcrumb! So along with the renaissance of many traditional foods, people have begun to experiment with using better quality ingredients and different styles of meat wrapped round the egg.

I have always eaten scotch eggs, and whilst experimenting in my kitchen with a soft boiled version one day I created mark one of what is now Kirsty’s Original. I sold them to some customers, they loved eating them with a soft centre & really tasty meat, so I made some more, (and then some more), and eventually decided to close my shop and concentrate on bringing soft-centred amazingly tasty scotch eggs to the masses! Demand keeps growing and so long as people want me to make them I will keep making them. Flavours are added all the time, usually due to customer requests, after all if people ask for the flavours they’re likely to buy them!


TMM:  We also love your scotch eggs but have always wondered how you make them?


KK:  My scotch eggs are very special because all my eggs and meat are free-range and sourced locally from other small independent producers. My eggs are pasteurised at home to ensure those gorgeously gooey centres are safe to eat, my breadcrumbs are made from real bread, toasted slowly and each egg is hand wrapped by me and my team, culminating in little savoury balls with oodles of flavour, in a variety of flavours with their very own (ever expanding) fan club!


TMM:  It's great that you now have a team to help you meet demand, so what is next for the business?


KK:  Ideally I would like the whole country eating our eggs but that would be a logistical nightmare right now, so for the time-being I am sticking to the heart of the Chilterns and spreading across the south-east bit by bit. I want to increase the range of flavours and work with more seasonal ingredients, so if you have a specific flavour combo you would like me to try, submit your suggestions to Steve....


TMM:  Great thanks Kirsty, and good point - any ideas from our super-talented customers should be emailed to steve@tenmilemenu.com!


Everyone needs more runny centred scotch eggs in their life 


So if you're keen to keep up to date with the world of runny centred scotch eggs (and much more), why not follow Kirsty's Kitchen on facebook & twitter?



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