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Get your favourite snap of The Chilterns on our homepage!


Share your best snap of The Chilterns with us to land a Ten Mile gift voucher and the main spot on our homepage!




As we move from Summer into Autumn the beauty of the unmistakable Chiltern Hills stands out even on the dullest of days.  So at Ten Mile HQ we had a brainwave (albeit quite a small one...), why not ask our customers to send in their favourite snaps of the local topography, and stick the best one on our homepage as the featured image? Local fame and fortune will undoubtedly follow, and just in case it doesn't, then a £25 Ten Mile voucher will have to do!


So here's how it's going to work:

1. You get excited about the prospect of getting your picture on our homepage

2. Email your favourite Chilterns snap to steve@tenmilemenu.com, telling us where it was taken. It might be a family snap, it could be landscape only - we're very open minded!

3. Once we've decided on a shortlist (7-10 days time depending on the number of entrants), we'll post them as a gallery on our facebook page and put them to the public vote!

4. Once the winner is decided, it'll take pride of place on our homepage (cue the fame and fortune) and you'll be sent your voucher code to use shopping with us.


The small print.

You may notice the main slider pics on our homepage are landscape/horizontal in orientation, so please bear this in mind, a portrait snap, regardless of how great, won't work.

If you'd like to enter more than one pic, that's fine, we'll include them if they're good enough.


Good luck everyone, we can't wait to see the results!




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