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Fruit & Veg Boxes now available to order in blocks of 6 weeks


October OFFER: Buy a block of any 6 veg boxes and receive a free Sandy Lane Pumpkin in time for Halloween!


We'd originally set-out to avoid 'signing-up' our customers to obligatory deliveries of our Sandy Lane organic veg boxes, however as they have become more popular, we've been asked by many customers if there is a way of more easily re-ordering each week.


So here's our solution (until we get our geek-squad of IT experts to upgrade us to a fancy new ordering system)...


You can now purchase the boxes in blocks of 6 weeks, same price, but with one purchase through the site.  This means for those of you that treat a Sandy Lane box as a kitchen-essential, you'll not only save time re-ordering each week, but you'll also never forget until it's too late in the week again!




Do I have to have a box for 6 weeks in a row?

No, don't panic!  You won't have to receive a box every week unless you want to, if you'd like to skip a week, just remember to let us know by emailing steve@tenmilemenu.com by a Tuesday evening.  If we don't hear from you, we'll deliver on our agreed day/time as normal (will still be on a Thursday or Friday).


Can I top up my order when I fancy with lovely meat etc?

Yes, don't panic!  All you need to do is shop as normal, then use the discount code 'Free' on checkout, this means the system won't charge you for delivery (as it does for orders under £30), just pop in the notes box to include with your regular veg delivery.


Can I still order a single box as part of my normal shopping?

Absolutely, all 6 boxes are still available to buy for a single week, you can see them by clicking here. 


I have more questions...

No problem!  Call or email Steve on 07967 328 455 or steve@tenmilemenu.com and he'll do his very best to help!


We hope that makes sense and will make things easy for many of you, if you click here then you'll be taken straight to our veg boxes.



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