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Bradmoor Hatcheries


Meet Jane & Steve (Steve is the husband behind the camera, not the chicken!).  Together they run Bradmoor Hatcheries, a 13 acre free-range egg farm in Haddenham, Bucks.  In 2006 they kept six birds as a hobby, not they have close to 15,000!  This is testament to their hard work, passion, and most importantly, the quality of their produce.

Steve & Jane keep Lohmon Brown chickens, initially supplied in at 16 weeks old.  The husbandry enjoyed by the birds is second to none, they are given plenty of natural vegetation to roam in during daylight hours, and all feed is locally sourced and GM free.  This, along with the highest welfare standards, leads to fresh and very tasty eggs - you really will be able to tell the difference.


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