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Deliveries on March 26th & 27th.

Deliveries on 26th & 27th March.

Traffic to the website has been exceptional and in-line with what we have seen with the national supermarkets. We are in a tricky position, because at this time of year we are overly exposed to UK organic wholesalers, and there is always a chance that we could be let down at what will feel like the last minute (next Wednesday). Therefore we are trying to find a sensible balance between maintaining a regular service (to our regular shoppers) and to provide produce to new customers who are very much in need of it. Ideally, we don't really want to view our shoppers as 'regular' and 'new', in these exceptional weeks hopefully we can continue to pool together equitably.
We've moved to 'Out of Stock', BUT, you can still shop today.

In seeking to strike the right balance, all veg is now shown as being out of stock - this will discourage any new visitors to the site and will give us a window for existing customers, who often don't shop until Monday/Tuesday, to get their order in now.

So to be clear, you can still add veg to your basket, but this may only be for today. It is likely that I will need to remove all produce from the site tomorrow having reached absolute max capacity.

We can take no additional orders for fruit, sorry. If you have a fruit bag or box on order already it will be delivered as normal.

Changes to veg boxes and deliveries - still apply.

We remain a small operation and don't have huge resources to call upon, so in these circumstances we will be making some small (and short-term) changes to help us cope operationally and ensure as many people as possible receive a delivery, I ask again for your continued understanding! They are: 

  • There will be no exceptions/swaps/dislikes in any box, unless there is a strong dietary/allergy related reason. I am sorry that this may inconvenience many customers, but I hope you understand - this will make a huge difference to us operationally.
  • Deliveries could be made on Thursday or Friday regardless of where you live, we'll let you know which day to expect us on Wednesday next week. 
Questions today.

I have been trying to respond to all questions/issues individually but the volume has been much greater than usual for obvious reasons. Unfortunately, I am going to be unavailable for the rest of today so I'd ask for a little patience if you contact me. I will try to get back to you over the weekend and will hopefully put up some FAQ's on the website also.

Finally, a huge thank you again - we have continued to be swamped by gratitude, offers of help and general good-will. Best wishes. Steve.


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