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The Ten Mile Tasting Club Sausage Creating Competition!



What a mouthful! Well, hopefully anyway...


To celebrate the launch of our tasting club we're kicking off with a competition that could see you have your very own flavour of sausage on the Ten Mile Menu permanently, win a sausage shaped trophy, AND receive a pack of them in your Ten Mile shopping FREE for the rest of 2013!


So here's the idea... The tasting club will showcase new, exciting & unusual products from our producers, that you receive either free or at cost price, you then taste & tell us what you think - if you like it it stays, if you don't it doesn't.



The Brief


Your challenge is to create the best flavoured pork sausage known to man (or at least South Bucks).  At your disposal are the skills & experience of our resident sausage expert, Ricky Jeffrey, who runs The Egg House Charcuterie.  Ricky could sell sausage-shaped ice to eskimos if he chose to, he's that good! (He's the one on the right below btw...)





We will use locally sourced, free range & rare breed pork as the base to your sausage - the rest is up to you.  What we need from you are flavour combinations & key ingredients - for example, we currently sell Ricky's Chilli & Chocolate sausages,  unusual, but magic to eat.


So get your thinking caps on - there will also be bonus marks awarded for the name of your banger, and any story behind your inspiration.


Once we have all entries, our executive judging panel of Ricky, Ten Mile Steve & Simon Cowell* will decide on a final shortlist of 3.  In your Ten Mile shopping you then receive a pack of the duelling bangers for free (2 of each flavour), you then rank them into 1st, 2nd & 3rd place.  The overall winner hits the big time to be sold on www.TenMileMenu.com, and even better the creator of the masterpiece will receive a free pack of the beautiful bangers in every single Ten Mile shop for the rest of 2013!



The Judging Criteria 


1. The Taste - most importantly, your sausage must be a real winner on flavour

2. The Name - if your banger is to be a local celeb it needs a name with star status!

3. The Story - tell us how you've arrived at your flavour for extra brownie points

4. Be different - pork & leek just won't cut the mustard, and err, neither will pork, leek & mustard...


The Timescales


Wednesday 10th April - competition launched, all entries emailed to steve@tenmilemenu.com with the subject line of 'My Sausage!'

Friday 19th April - deadline for entries

Monday 22nd April - shortlist of three announced & Ricky starts the serious work of making them

Sausages tasted - in deliveries made between Weds 24th April & Saturday 11th May.

Monday 13th May - all votes must be in

Tuesday 14th May - results announced, ceremonial sausages made & some sort of sausage-tastic trophy presented to the winner!



The Rules


1. All members of the Ten Mile Tasting Club will not talk about the Ten Mile Tasting Club

2. Only joking, the more you blab about it the better!

3. All entrants must live within our delivery area (c.10 miles of Wycombe, but sometimes a little more...)

4. All Ten Mile orders placed for delivery between 24th April & 11th May will receive the tasting pack of sausage finalists free, if you don't order we can't deliver your free judging pack!

5. Judging sausages is a serious business, the executive panel's decision will be final.


* Although Simon Cowell is apparently very keen to be part of our panel, we will carefully evaluate his local culinary credentials before confirming his place. 



So what are you waiting for??  Email your entry to steve@tenmilemenu.com now!



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