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Cranston Pickles

who are they?

Well actually, Cranston Pickles is a one woman venture, owned and run by local lass Fiona, who is so passionate about pickles, she turned them into her business. All handmade and homemade by Fiona herself, her delicious jars of pickles and jams are created just outside Oxford, using fresh, local, seasonal ingredients - and often come with an intriguing flavour twist.

what does she produce?

Exciting, intriguing pickled veg and jams that shout out loud. Fiona sources local, natural ingredients from independent suppliers (such as Sandy Lane Farm!) and always tries to keep things seasonal. She has an ever changing pickle menu, depending on the produce available and always creates her pickles from scratch. Fiona was keen to explain that many of her pickles are perfect for adding to a dish as an extra ingredient, rather than just as an accompaniment or a sandwich filling. Her flavour combinations are quite unique and a long way from the standard pickles you’ll find on the supermarket shelves.

what makes these pickles so special?

Fiona’s love of pickles first came from her grandparents. Rowland and Sylvia who would produce a jar of pickled eggs every family Christmas (and only at Christmas!) and they taught Fiona the art of pickling. Over the years, Fiona has developed a love for Japan and it’s cuisine and now, she combines the classic pickle recipe with wonderful, interesting ingredients inspired by her trips to this part of the world. By always using fresh herbs and spices and unique, zingy flavours, Fiona’s pickles are not your average accompaniment to a pub ploughman’s!

why are we excited about these pickles?

Because these are little jars, full of fantastic flavours that transform a meal! Even the best veg needs a helping hand sometimes and these pickles elevate the humble jacket potato, salad bowl or cheese toastie to the next level. Fiona is keen bring back the tradition of making the most of the wonderful produce grown locally and of course, the process of pickling itself minimises food waste and encourages seasonal eating. With a no plastic policy and minimal packaging, these are ethical pickles that pack a fabulous, and fascinating, flavour punch!

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