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Covid-19: New ordering process



Thursday 26th March - 9am: 

Thank you for your continued patience. Please do not try to shop the website at all for the time being, we are now in the process of allocating boxes to priority customers and balancing fortnightly demand. We will notify you if the site is to be opened for general shopping.

Please note, to identify yourself in one of the priority customer groups described below you must respond via the newsletter sent out this afternoon entitled 'Vital information regarding ordering for delivery next week.'

If you missed the email, you can view the web version by clicking here. 

Tuesday 24th March

It has become clear that even though we have been able to double our veg supply and delivery numbers, there is no chance of fulfilling the wishes of all that have registered new accounts with us in the last week, which at last count is in excess of 600. We are as confident as we can be that we will have greater capacity again next week vs this one.

Therefore, we are going to attempt a radically different way of ordering, which will hopefully enable us to help give priority to certain groups of customers at this unique time. The website will remain closed, other than in specific windows which I will outline below.

Please note, the customer groups identified below will form the first additional orders that we take next week, having already accepted orders from existing customers that have weekly or fortnightly shops in place. If you have a regular order in place, this will be honoured unless you ask us to change it. 

Our customer groups with priority ordering:

Priority A:

  • Self-isolating and in a vulnerable group.
  • Regular customers that are self-isolating.
  • Key worker / Medical Professional.

Priority B:

  • New customers that are self-isolating.
  • Existing customers that have missed out on ordering for delivery on 26th & 27th March.

We will also be looking to identify customers whom currently receive a weekly delivery, that could manage with it fortnightly for the next few weeks.

The success of this system will almost entirely rely on trust. There is no way that I will have time to verify claims made of being in almost any category above, so please be as considered as possible when responding.

The ordering timeline:

Tuesday (today): email goes out asking customers in priority categories to identify themselves and choose their produce for delivery on April 2nd & 3rd.

Wednesday morning: it will become clear how many existing customers have repeat orders in place, and therefore how much additional capacity we have.

Wednesday afternoon/evening: I will manually add requests from customers in priority groups, giving me a clear picture of further remaining capacity.

Likely to be Friday AM: The site is 'opened' for existing customers to shop.

Likely to be Friday PM: The site is 'opened' for new customers to shop.

If we reach capacity at any point during 'open shopping', we will need to close again.

I fully understand that this system isn't perfect and is open to manipulation, but at current time it is the best solution we can package. I am confident the vast majority of customers will be understanding (and compliant!), and thank you in advance if that is you.

You can only respond via the email that went out on Tuesday afternoon with subject 'Vital information regarding ordering for delivery next week.' Please identify yourself and choose your shopping by clicking the appropriate links on the email. This is only an option if you wish to have either a weekly, or fortnightly box - we cannot accept one-off orders via email.

The produce available for you to choose is from a reduced range to help us cope with these additional manual steps and the delivery operation. For example from next week there will be two bread loaves to choose from, the Oxford sourdough and a wholemeal tin loaf. 


The small print: 

Every delivery must include a veg box. When placing your order, you must be clear whether you would like it delivered weekly, or fortnightly. We cannot accept one-off orders from priority groups that are processed manually by us.

For me to place your order, you must have an active ten mile account with payment mandate established.

I will be very unlikely to be able to answer product queries individually, so unless you are clear with your response on requested produce, I may not be able to confirm your shop.

The actual produce may change very slightly as we approach this time next week, i.e. if we are let down by our organic wholesaler, the price of boxes may be reduced as veg volume decreases, or if we don't receive enough leafy veg, you may receive a regular box and not a 'gourmet', if this is what was requested.

If you haven't responded by the time we have opened the website for general sales, we cannot guarantee you a delivery.



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