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Colombia Coffee Roasters

who are they?

Milly’s family has been growing coffee for three generations on their farm in the mountains of Colombia. With childhood memories of her Grandmother roasting beans in their kitchen, Milly was determined to bring the spirit of this traditional, rustic process to her coffee as well as as introducing Oxford to the delicious Columbian beans themselves. Her company, Colombia Coffee Roasters, is now a speciality, single-origin coffee roastery with beans sourced from that same family farm and neighbouring growers, all roasted here in Oxford.

what do they produce?

Delicious high quality Colombian Arabica coffee that they can trace from bean to cup. As a ‘micro-roastery’ dealing with small farms and ‘micro-lots’, Milly knows exactly where the beans have come from and can trace every step of their journey from South America to your kitchen. Each batch is individually roasted with careful consideration to the origin and ‘identity’ of the beans, resulting in a unique, delicious coffee that showcases the work of each small producer. This direct relationship with growers guarantees the quality of the coffee beans and also enables Milly to support Fair-Trade conditions, ensuring the coffee is both sustainable and ethical.

what makes this coffee so special?

We are delighted to offer two different Coffees from Columbian Coffee Roasters - the 'Federacion Campesina’ named after a local Colombian farmer’s cooperative and ‘Red Honey’ coffee which is made with beans direct from Milly’s own family farm, run by her uncle Orlando Fierro. The special care and attention that Orlando invests in his farm is evident in this deliciously smooth, creamy coffee which has a sweet vanilla aroma - perfect for your ‘every day’ cup or a more intense espresso. The ‘Red Honey’ actually refers to the unique processing method used by Orlando which involves leaving the sticky layer (the ‘honey’) intact on the bean which imparts more sugar into the seed. The 'Federacion Campesina' is a 100% Arabica coffee, exceptionally smooth and well balanced and sourced from a cooperative that works to support the rights of local farmers and promote sustainable growing methods.

why we are excited about this coffee:

We are the only stockist of the ‘Red Honey’ Coffee from Colombia Coffee Roasters outside of their two Oxford Cafes. Milly has been keen to stress to us the importance of roasting in-house to ensure the freshness of the coffee and with that in mind, the coffee orders we receive by midnight on Tuesday will be roasted and ground the day after (on Wednesday) ready for delivery with the veg boxes that week. From bean to cup in just a day. This is the only way that Milly is happy to sell their delicious coffee - fresh and roasted to order.

great local produce, delivered.

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