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Christmas & New Year Delivery Info

here's what you need to know about deliveries over the festive and new year period - plus some extra detail on ordering.

Every year the slight difference in how the days and dates of the festive period fall impact our delivery schedule. The great news is that vs last year, we are able to separate out 'regular' and christmas deliveries - so you are able to receive a delivery on Thurs/Fri 19th/20th as usual (order deadline on the Tuesday [17th] night as normal)... AND you are able to have a separate Christmas delivery on either Sunday 22nd or Monday 23rd, depending on where you live.

Only produce from our Christmas category will be delivered on Sunday 22nd or Monday 23rd.


You are able to add anything from the Christmas category to your regular shop between now and 17th Dec (unless items become sold-out before then) and it will be added to your Christmas delivery. Please note this delivery must include at least a Christmas Day veg box, or a turkey/chicken.


new year deliveries.

Unlike last year, sadly we will be unable to deliver on the first Thurs/Fri of 2020 - the way the dates fall mean that this is just too early in the month, we would have no availability of some products (fruit for example), it would mean us doing some work on Christmas Day, and a lack of support for veg picking that week which would need to be on New Year's day - generally being short of produce and/or staff. Plus it will mean George being able to spend a few days away from the fields, which he will certainly need by then!

The first deliveries of 2020 will be on Thursday 9th & Friday 10th of Jan - although it seems late, it is the first week back for school/work for many, so will likely feel like the first week proper of the year!

If you have any questions feel free to drop me a note via

Thank you for shopping with us as ever - it's been a fantastic year for us and we are all excited about what 2020 will bring!



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