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Autumnal changes - update from Sandy Lane Farm


In what we at Ten Mile Menu feel is the most exciting time of the food calendar, George Bennett from Sandy Lane keeps us posted with change in air as we enter Autumn.


The feel of the farm has definitely changed since the weekend - more dew in the morning, trousers are replacing shorts, the sun always seems to be at a dazzling angle and it's getting darker earlier and earlier.



After that cold start to the year, it has been an almost perfect growing season - and with the changing seasons, new delights are emerging from the fields. All that lovely sun has been a real gift for the sweetcorn and squash. We have planted about 20 varieties of squash this year and it's fun strolling around to see the different shapes, sizes and colours coming through (including some whopper pumpkins for Halloween). Hopefully we'll get some more nice weeks of weather to finish off the butternuts.


Our cabbage field will now start springing to life with that drop of rain we've just had, so we're trying our best to keep the caterpillars at bay while the plants get going in earnest - the Red Russian kale is going to be a treat.


We have two major activities left on the farm now; the potato harvest and getting all the green manure planted for over winter field cover. All the rest is on-demand harvesting and keeping things ticking over (which is quite a lot in its own right).


While a part of us wishes the warm weather would last forever, its nice to be feeling and adapting to the changing seasons.



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